The old town of Cabras is located 8 km from Oristano, on the west coast of Sardigna, and it was founded at the foot of the namesake pond ( one of the biggest in Europe for size ), which holds among its reeds very rare bird species like the elegant pink flamingo. Thanks to pond, which offers a rich assest, the economy of Cabras is based on fishing since ancient times: mullets and theirs roe are famous.

The Sinis' peninsula extends in the territory of Cabras, marine protected since 1997; 15 km of beaches make Sinis one of the most beautiful and wildest of the Sardinia. Not to be missed is the beach of Is Aruttas, a corner of paradise made of many small grains of white quartz; enchanting are also the beach of San Giovanni, topped by Catalan tower, and the beaches of Maimoni and Mari Ermi.

Very interesting are the famous ruins of Tharros, the islet of Cuccuru is Arrius (neolithic necropolis), the beautiful early christian church of San Giovanni, the hypogeum of San Salvatore, the church patron of Santa Maria Assunta, the civic museum and many nuraghi sited in the comunal territory.

The “Corsa degli Scalzi” is the most famous and suggestive appointment which takes place in Cabras. At dawn of the first saturday of September the San Salvatore's simulacrum is brought by barefoot runners, dressed in the traditional white habit, from church of S. Maria Assunta to the village of San Salvatore, 7 km faraway. The next day the simulacrum is brought by “curridoris” to Cabras, where there are thousands of people facing it. At Carnival there's “Sartiglia” in Oristano, while in July there's “S'Ardia” in Sedilo.

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